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About - Interior Asia iDesign

20 Years Of Experience

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We are a design & build company. Focusing on renovation & construction of residential properties including interior design and furnishing with custom-made, exclusive furniture. From consultation, pre-planning, dealing with authorities, pre-build designs, project management, furnishing, up until the completion of your project.


How we growth your business.

We are here to stay so be assure that we will grow with you as your businesses grow.

Asia iDesign is a close-knot firm consisting of designers that work stylishly together. Every client is exercise and their detailed requirements are our priority so customization is what we do best and proud of.

Our History

Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.

2001 - Startup

Our company startup with 3 designers and few clients

2006 - Growth

Our company grow to 10 designers and over 30 clients base

2011 - Expansion

Our company started to implement industry standards and expand internationally

2021 - Current

Implementation of new design and technologies to design